Bringing the fun to you!

GR Skate & Event Center (formerly The Fun Spot) has been making memories and creating fun since its establishment. We wanted to bring the fun from inside the rink out into the community, so we began Partie-to-Go. We offer Bounce Houses and Character Rentals.

Have you ever wanted a castle? We’ll set up our castle bounce house in your backyard. Of course, what is a castle without its princess? Snow White, Cinderella, Ana, Elsa, or Belle can be invited to join your event. We also have other characters from popular movies if princesses aren’t your cup of tea. 

Bounce houses


Need a fun activity for lots of energetic children?

Rent one of our huge bounce houses and it will keep them jumping for hours!

Perfect for birthday parties, the castle bounce house comes in two different colors, pink and red. We also have a standard purple and green bounce house.

We will make sure your bounce house is delivered, set up on time, and taken down efficiently. We can also provide an attendant to make sure everyone stays safe.

GR SKATE & EVENT CENTER BOUNCE HOUSES Capacity for 10 children 15ft High 20ft x 11ft Base Set Up & Delivery Included Attendant available for extra fee.

FINE PRINT: A $100 deposit is required at time of booking. There are no refunds for cancellations one week before the scheduled event. The customer may reschedule within the next 14 days without penalty. Customer must sign a liability waiver before set up. There may be an extra delivery charge if the distance is 30 miles or more. If the bounce house needs to be cleaned after retrieval due to excessive dirtiness, we will charge an extra fee starting at $45.

Character Rental

$125/ HOUR

GR Skate & Event Center has live-action characters ready to make an appearance at your event! These special personas love to engage with children, sparkle in photo ops, and take your party to the next level.

Ana, Elsa, and a few other characters like to drop by GR Skate & Event Center.

If you would like them to visit for an hour or two, give us a call, we’ll see what we can do!

Mickey Mouse
Minnie Mouse
Snow White

Darth Vader
Storm Trooper
Princess Leia



Captain America
Wonder Woman


Santa (Seasonal)

FINE PRINT: A $50/character deposit is required at time of booking. There are no refunds for cancellations one week before the scheduled event. The customer may reschedule within the next 30 days based on the availability of the character. If the customer’s character is not available for the time and day chosen, the customer can choose another character.

Are there any delivery fees with the bounce house?

We include set up and delivery up to 25 miles from our location which will include most of the Greater Grand Rapids Area. Transportation fees will be worked out based on distance and we will list it as part of your initial quote.


Is there an age restriction on who gets to jump in the bounce house?

No! Just the amount of people in the bounce house at one time. All of our bounce houses can have 6 children (under 16) and 5 adults (16 & up). An adult must be present at all times and enforcing bounce house rules. The crew leader will give the supervising adult a list of rules to help keep everyone safe.


Where can the bounce house be set up?

Bounce houses need a large flat surface of at least 20ft x 20ft on grass, cement, or asphalt. We can set it up indoors as long as there is enough clearance on all sides and on top. The ceiling must be 15 ft or higher.


What type of power is necessary to run the bounce house?

We just need a standard three-prong electrical outlet preferably without anything else plugged in. The bounce house needs to be within 50 ft of the outlet.


Does GR Skate & Event Center carry insurance?

We are part of New Rink Inc. which is fully insured. If additional insurance is necessary for corporate or large group events, an extra fee may be added. Please contact us with questions or concerns.


How early or late can the bounce house arrive or leave?

We can set up as early as 8am and take down is 9pm.


Is there a deposit and when do I have to pay in full?

Yes, there is a deposit due before the event and full payment must be made before the crew will set up for the event. We accept credit cards, checks, and cash. If no deposit has been made, we will not deliver.


Can the bounce house be rented for an additional hour or for a full day?

We rent the bounce houses in blocks of 6 hours. The customer can rent it for two time blocks (12 hours) or each additional hour after the time block is $75 up to 9pm. This must be decided during set up with the crew leader and pick up time cannot be changed during the day.


What if there is bad weather on the selected date?

If the weather is bad (rain, too windy, etc...), we cannot set the bounce house up outdoors. We can either set the bounce house up in a secondary location indoors (ceiling must be 15' or higher) or we can reschedule for a different day within 30 days of the original event. We will come to take down the bounce house early if possible in inclement weather and we can reschedule for a different day. Unfortunately, due to scheduling, we can offer no full refunds for bad weather.


Can a customer pick the Bounce House up from GR Skate & Event Center and set it up themselves?

We cannot allow customers to pick up the bounce houses for safety reasons. We include set up and delivery so we can ensure it is set up according to company specifications so everyone is as safe as possible.


What is the renter responsible for?

The renter needs to provide an adult that will supervise at all times and enforce the rules give to them by GR Skate & Event Center. Please be aware that even with strict adherence to the rules accidents can happen in active play situations. All guests participate at their own risk.


Does the customer have to clean the bounce house if its gets dirty?

We clean and sanitize all bounce houses before and after they are used. If the bounce house needs additional cleaning from more than just casual use, we ask that the customer to clean it before we take it down. We can also clean it for an extra fee starting at $45.

Is there a deposit and when is full payment due?

There is a deposit required at time of booking. Full payment is due before the event date. If we do not have full payment, we will not send a character to your event.


Can I add time to a character's stay if they are already at our event?

Unfortunately our characters can only stay for the booked time and cannot extend past their end time.


How early or late can I schedule a character for an event?

We will work with our staff to accomodate any time frame and we will let you know at time of booking if our staff has limited availability.


What if I need to reschedule or cancel my event due to weather or other circumstances?

If your event is cancelled due to weather, we cannot give you a refund due to scheduling. You can put your deposit towards another visit within 30 days of the original event. If the character is not available on that specific day, you can choose another character to visit your event.


Are there extra fees for transportation?

Transportation is free up to 25 miles and after that it is a flat $25 fee. All distances are measured from the Kentwood GR Skate & Event Center.